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Inclusive Competition Forum

Making Markets Work for People

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Our Mission

The Inclusive Competition Forum is a think tank connecting experts in competition law, with stakeholders working to promote more socially-inclusive competition policy and economics in Europe and fairer, more sustainable market capitalism.


We believe that the regulation of power is an important pressure value in the stable operation of market capitalism with respect to a functioning democracy, fair labour standards, more inclusive communities and a thriving natural environment.

Robust and inclusive competition law has the potential to share the gains of capitalism more widely.

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Founders and Board


Michelle Meagher

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Competition Lawyer

Author, 'Competition is Killing Us'

Senior Policy Fellow, UCL


Jean-Benoit Maisin

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Trade Union Lawyer

Université Saint-Louis, Bruxelles


Julian Nowag

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Associate Professor, Lund University

Associate CCLP, Oxford University 


Simon Holmes

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Member of the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal




Hellenic Competition Commission

Professor, UCL 

*Inactive as of

Aug 2019

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Fabian Richter

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Policy Analyst, ICF and 

Policy and Project Officer, Fair Trade Advocacy Office

Arletta Gorecka

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Policy Analyst, ICF and

PhD Candidate, Strathclyde University

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Political and Economic Context

Against the backdrop of increasingly consolidated markets across industry and the unrivalled power of monopolies, and alongside inequality, stagnating wages for workers, underinvestment in research and skills, and the financialisation of the real economy, we see that threats to democracy and the climate emergency have stimulated a rise in populist sentiment. 

There is an opening for new ideas about how to manage and regulate market capitalism so that it works for people and the planet.

We think that competition law, which ultimately shapes the landscape of industry and how companies operate within the market, should respond to the varied needs of people as citizens, humans, inhabitants of the planet and forebears of future generations.

This perspective is gaining purchase in the public debate but there remains a risk that it will be drowned out by better-funded actors with direct influence over policy-making. 


Convening discussions to highlight the social and political relevance of competition policy and to give a voice to under-represented stakeholders

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Pro bono Clinic to empower underrepresented interests and enable them to get advice, submit complaints, file briefs, and sue for damages 

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Promoting cutting-edge research into the implementation of Stakeholder Competition Law

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Rue Willems 31

1210 Brussels

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